Our Products

We are working with reputed foreign Companies for their Products.

Synthetic Industrial Diamonds

Tungsten Carbide Products

Non Ferrous Metal Powders

Carbonyl Iron Powder


SIMO CORPORATION is promoted by Mr. M.T. Mohane and Mr. Vikas Singh. Mr. M.T. Mohane is a Metallurgist having 40 year experience in manufacturing and marketing of various Cutting Tools and Mr. Vikas Singh is a Mechanical Engineer with MBA having 25 years experience in Marketing & Manufacturing Cutting Tools. We offer various inputs for Hardmetal Industries, Diamond Tools Industries, Powder Metallurgy Industry, Tungsten Carbide tools, etc.

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Our Industries

SIMO Corporation offer various inputs such as raw materials and semi finished products to following industry.

Hard Metal industry

Tungsten Carbide Powder, Ready to Press Powder, Tungten carbide powder, Cobalt Metal Powder.

Diamond Tools & Powder Metallurgy Industry

Synthetic Industral Diamond powder, Nonferrous Metal Powder such as Copper, Cobalt, Tin, Zinc etc. Alloy Powder-Bronze, Iron Copper, Iron Cobalt, etc. Tungsten metal powder, Tungsten Carbide Powder, Fused/ Cast Tungsten Carbide powder.

Solid Carbide Tools Industry

Tungsten Carbide, Ground and Unground, Rods. Rods with coolant hole,PCB blanks

Hard Facing Industry

Thermal spray Powder.

We work for following companies in India.

*Xiamen Golden Egret Special Alloy CO., LTD. China, *JINGRI Diamond Industrial CO., LTD. China, *GRIPM Advanced Materials Co., Ltd, China,*Jiangxi Yuean Superfine Metal Co,.Ltd, China,* Hartmetall- und Werkzeugsysteme Wilke GmbH. Germany

We try our best to give best possible service to our Customer.